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PTSPPartial Tree Sharing Protocol
PTSPProceed to Select Protocol
PTSPPnni Topology State Packet
PTSPPayment Terminal Service Provider
PTSPPhysical Travelling Salesman Problem (computational intelligence)
PTSPPNNI Topology State Packet (Sprint-ATM)
PTSPPerishables and Temperature Sensitive Products
PTSPPublic Transportation Subsidy Program
PTSPProbability Theory and Stochastic Process (various locations)
PTSPPotential Trouble Source Person (Scientology)
PTSPPayment Terminal Security Program (MasterCard)
PTSPProceed-To-Select Protocol (ITU-T)
PTSPPost to See Post (forums)
PTSPPublic Telecommunications Service Provider (Ireland)
PTSPPacket-Triggered Subscribers and Policy Control (Juniper Networks, Inc.)
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Headquartered in Macau, it offers fully integrated services ranging from network planning, design and installation to implementation as well as maintenance and after-sales technical support to public telecommunications service providers.
The Company's customers are public telecommunications service providers that operate wireless and wireline voice and data networks in rapidly growing communications markets around the world.
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