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P&SPoint and Shoot (camera)
P&SProducts & Services
P&SPlain and Simple
P&SPrimary and Secondary
P&SPurchase and Sale (trading)
P&SPhysicians and Surgeons (Columbia University)
P&SPlans and Specifications (USACE)
P&SPlanning and Scheduling
P&SProbability and Statistics
P&SPublish and Subscribe
P&SPan and Scan
P&SPan-And-Scan (movie formats)
P&SPublish & Subscribe
P&SPrinciples and Standards (USACE)
P&SPolls & Surveys
P&SProcurement and Supply
P&SProcedures and Systems
P&SPort & Starboard
P&SPermanent and Stationary
P&SPhysics and Society
P&SPerformance & Scalability (software)
P&SProduction and Surveillance (US DOE)
P&SPre-1954 Standard (vs. Widescreen)
P&SPittsburgh and Shawmut Railroad Company (also abbreviated as PS)
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To achieve a higher level of integration and interoperability, ABCS 6.4 will have an important feature that is new to ABCS called the Publish and Subscribe Server (PASS).
However, immediate solutions to the integration problem led to standardizing ABCS on Extensible Markup Language (XML), defining ABCS in commercial off-the-shelf compatible information architecture, and providing Web services through a publish and subscribe interface as the integration engine.