PUCAPlan Urbanisme Construction Architecture (est. 1998; French: Urban Construction and Architecture Plan)
PUCAPennsylvania Utility Contractors Association (Harrisburg, PA)
PUCAPueblo Chemical Activity (Pueblo, CO)
PUCAPick Up and Carry Away (EOD)
PUCAPublic Utilities Commission Act
PUCAPartido Unionista Centroamericana (Spanish: Central American Unionist Party, Nicaragua)
PUCAPresidential Unit Citation Award (US DoD)
PUCAPublic Utilities Communicators Association
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(2014) obtained, in "coroa de frade" puca fruits from Beberibe-CE, mean TTA of 0.43% in the ripe stage, which is superior to those of fully ripe 'manipuca' fruits obtained in the present study ([E.sub.4]-0.24%).
Os animais foram capturados com um puca, sexados, pesados e medidos.
Transcription 21 adam Piruji, Darayavahaus Zariyas-ca puca, Zara[theta]ustris; imam ustasanam akunavam 3 daxmahya-radi mana uta mana nariya Maya nama uta puciya Zariya nama.
(17.) Puca FM, Perrucci S, Prudenzano MP Savarese M, Misceo S, Perilli S, Palumbo M, Libro G, Genco S.
In the following matches, Ranjith Mani produced a brilliant all-round show for PUCA in their 44-run win over Globelink West Star Shipping (GWSS) in a Group D match.
Puca, "The reconstruction of significant wave height time series by using a neural network approach," Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, vol.
In contrast to what is seen with migraines, Puca et al (21) found a higher prevalence of anxiety disorders (52.5%) than depressive disorders (36.4%) in patients with tension-type headache.
(In its Welsh form, it is known as a Puca, from which Shakespeare derived his fairy spirit Puck.) And we know from his diaries that upon viewing Edward Landseer's painting Scene From A Midsummer's Night's Dream Carroll observed: "there are some wonderful points in it ...
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Con un coeficiente de similitud de SM de 0.65 se obtuvo cuatro grupos geneticos: grupo "A" (yana wana y puca alcarraz); grupo "B" (ruyru mariva y puca avilla); grupo "C" (yuraq llipucha, yuca papa, yuraq chasca, miperu, palta mariva, yuraqmacu, ruyru tumbay, puka tumbay, yuraq paula, tapina negra, ritipa sisan, puka chasca, puca llipu, yuraqamapola, yuraq chasca, yuraq alcarraz, yana caspa) y grupo "D" (allqa yuraq sisa, puca uchuchaqui, yanapaula y azucena).
Graeme Rodway 7.05pm Santa Anita Sporting (50:30:20:10) 20-23 Angela Renee, 16-19 Conquest Eclipse, 11-14 Cristina's Journey, 10-13 By The Moon, 8-11 Puca, 7-9 Feathered, 6-8 Top Decile, Wonder Gal, 5-7 Majestic Presence, 4-6 Danette, 3-5 Hennythelovepenny, 1-3 Take Charge Brandi.