PUFPublic Use File
PUFPresses Universitaires de France (French: University Presses of France)
PUFPartner University Fund (est. 2007; New York)
PUFParallel URL fetcher (*nix download tool)
PUFPhysically Unclonable Function
PUFNorthern Puffer
PUFPreguntas de Uso Frequente (Spanish: Frequently Asked Questions)
PUFPalm User Forum
PUFPoly Urethene Foam
PUFPlanning Units File
PUFPack Up File
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But the PureChain system using PUF has successfully resolved those problems.
Maxim's being coy about the precise PUF mechanism, but in general a PUF depends on the unique character of a device's physical microstructure, which itself depends on random variables introduced during manufacturing.
There was no significant difference in total scores of ICSI, ICPI, PUF of patients pre and post treatment with mirabegron.
At the same time, Fitch affirms the 'AAA' rating on approximately $2.2 billion of outstanding PUF bonds issued for UTS.
In consideration for the purchase of 100% of the property, VOLT will issue 2.5m common shares to PUF Ventures.
The designed method of PUF for IoT security is proposed in Section 4.
After forming the premixture, PMDI was added at the same NCO/OH ratio as commercial PUF and calculated amounts.
According to the patient, it was PUF. He used to insert many different kinds of materials, but this was the first time that he could not retrieve it himself.
Established in the 1876 Constitution of the State of Texas, the PUF grant of 2 million acres was integral to the establishment of the University of Texas System (University of Texas, Texas A&M).
11 April 2014 - French reinsurer Scor SE (EPA:SCR) said it had completed the purchase of a majority interest in academic publisher Presses Universitaires de France (PUF).
But MCs have lower stiffness than BADCy, and a trace amount of residual--OH and amine groups contained in PUF wall shell can react with BADCy to form new network structures (3), (10), (27), (28), the addition of MCs can decrease the partial crosslink density around the MCs, which can decrease the storage modulus of BADCy, the negative effect increases with the content of MCs, then the storage modulus of BADCy with 5 wt% MCs decreases.
Access to PUF funds would allow the the region to take full advantage of its academic potential for the first time, said Robert Nelsen, the president of UT-Pan American.