PUFPublic Use File
PUFPresses Universitaires de France (French: University Presses of France)
PUFParallel URL fetcher (*nix download tool)
PUFPhysically Unclonable Function
PUFNorthern Puffer
PUFPreguntas de Uso Frequente (Spanish: Frequently Asked Questions)
PUFPalm User Forum
PUFPlanning Units File
PUFPoly Urethene Foam
PUFPack Up File
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PureChain is the only PUF technology that does not require the use of error correction codes that have hindered mass production of other types of PUF," ICTK Holdings CEO S.
PUF bonds issued by UTS are secured by, and payable from, a first lien on and pledge of UTS' two-thirds interest in the available university fund (AUF).
PUF is an industrial product usually used for insulation in refrigerators and other equipment.
Distributions from the PUF to the AUF in the 2001-2008 period varied annually between about 4.
But MCs have lower stiffness than BADCy, and a trace amount of residual--OH and amine groups contained in PUF wall shell can react with BADCy to form new network structures (3), (10), (27), (28), the addition of MCs can decrease the partial crosslink density around the MCs, which can decrease the storage modulus of BADCy, the negative effect increases with the content of MCs, then the storage modulus of BADCy with 5 wt% MCs decreases.
The House and Senate must pass the bill with a two-thirds majority in order to grant the new university access to the PUF.
The PUF can be easily synthesized by in-situ polymerization of urea and formaldehyde [15-17].
Indeed, the Association of Health Care Journalists has posted a list of examples in which reporters have used the NPDB PUF to research and write stories concerning individual physicians.
In post spray active sampling, paraquat was detected only on quartz filter samples (not on PUF plug) revealed that in the air paraquat is associated with particles rather than vapour and paraquat air concentration was detected at higher level in first 0[?
PUF disks mounted in Tisch passive air sampler housings (Tisch Environmental Inc.
In the pages of Zapiski dlia khoziaev, the voice that most often addressed this question was the only figure to appear in nearly every issue: a somewhat mysterious "Doctor Puf," whose weekly semi-serious, semi-satirical column treated cooking as a particularly important subject.
The amount of funds allocated for each PUF institution is determined by the Boards of Regents of The University of Texas System and Texas A&M University System each year.