PUFPublic Use File
PUFPresses Universitaires de France (French: University Presses of France)
PUFParallel URL fetcher (*nix download tool)
PUFPhysically Unclonable Function
PUFNorthern Puffer
PUFPreguntas de Uso Frequente (Spanish: Frequently Asked Questions)
PUFPalm User Forum
PUFPlanning Units File
PUFPoly Urethene Foam
PUFPack Up File
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Sensitive encrypted bitstream or object code is sent via the SmartFusion2 FPGA to the target FPGAs or SoCs only after successful identification of the target device and authentication of its initial boot code using the Intrinsic-ID PUF.
Distributions from the PUF to the AUF in the 2001-2008 period varied annually between about 4.
But MCs have lower stiffness than BADCy, and a trace amount of residual--OH and amine groups contained in PUF wall shell can react with BADCy to form new network structures (3), (10), (27), (28), the addition of MCs can decrease the partial crosslink density around the MCs, which can decrease the storage modulus of BADCy, the negative effect increases with the content of MCs, then the storage modulus of BADCy with 5 wt% MCs decreases.
The House and Senate must pass the bill with a two-thirds majority in order to grant the new university access to the PUF.
Indeed, the Association of Health Care Journalists has posted a list of examples in which reporters have used the NPDB PUF to research and write stories concerning individual physicians.
PUF disks mounted in Tisch passive air sampler housings (Tisch Environmental Inc.
Water-blown PUF foam preparation from vegetable oil polyols involves some problems, and the main reasons are as follows: vegetable oil polyols are very hydrophobic products and do not form homogeneous polyol premix systems even with small quantities of water, and the collapse is observed in their blowing process.
With established criteria for cystoscopy/hydrodistention, IC was confirmed in 25 (78%) of the 32 women, and in 1 (6%) of the 16 women with PUF scores less than 6.
Argotec PUF is nearly 100% closed cell, resulting in better compression properties, reduced liquid absorption, and excellent floatation characteristics.
Indeed, in the roughly two decades since Madeleine Lazard's influential Le Theatre en France au XVI siecle (Paris: PUF, 1980), the field has been the object of ever-expanding critical attention.
Use Puffer to securely exchange email with other Puffer users and to encrypt your most sensitive data files into Puf archives, protecting them from unauthorized viewing.
Westat contractors Marianne Winglee and Richard Valliant then discussed Assessing Disclosure Protection for an SOI Public Use File; Panel member Dan Feenberg and Ralph Rector of the Heritage Foundation provided the PUF users' group reaction.