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PTMDPendulum Tuned Mass Damper (floor vibration control)
PTMDPuff the Magic Dragon (song)
PTMDPost-Traumatic Mood Disorder (psychology)
PTMDPart-Time Marketing Director (various companies)
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What is the name of the land where "Puff the Magic Dragon" lived?
The Gunship was also known as "Puff the Magic Dragon." While the C--7 remains in service around the world, the C--7 left the USAF inventory in the 1970s.
That, and, "Puff the Magic Dragon" - perhaps the very first song I learned the lyrics to in full when I was two years old because the Peter, Paul, and Mary album would play repeatedly in my dad's car.
"But I never inhale, I puff, like Puff the Magic Dragon. I had very severe pneumonia just before I recorded the show last year.
- The original and unofficial nickname for the AC-130 gunship was "Puff the Magic Dragon" or "Puff."
I've never done a fun run with Wonder Woman, The Devil and Puff The Magic Dragon but there's a first time for everything.
1) For decades the House of Saud has been desperate to play "Puff the Magic Dragon" with Iran, via its borrowed Israeli tactic of making an aggressive bogeyman out of a country that has attacked no one in hundreds of years.
And as I live in Honnah-Lee, invigilators might suspect I was sharing a home with Puff the Magic Dragon.
Dana picked something a little less menacing: Peter, Paul and Mary's children's classic, Puff The Magic Dragon, a tongue-in-cheek reference to his fundraising work for Asthma UK.
Kids Preferred, LLC serves the specialty, juvenile, gift, and better department store trade by distributing soft toys and gifts under its own brand, private label and licensed brands including amazing baby[TM], asthma & allergy friendly[TM] - Healthy Baby[TM], Baby Abuelita[TM], Blessed Friends[TM], Biscuit[TM], Classic Pooh[R], Disney Baby, Elmer, The World of Eric Carle[TM], Goodnight Moon, The Gruffalo[R], Guess How Much I Love You[TM], Harley-Davidson[R], Kimmidoll Junior[R], pat the bunny[R], Peep and the Big Wide World[TM], Puff the Magic Dragon, Room on the Broom, Splat the Cat, Spot[TM] , The Snowman[TM], Traykit[R], Shaun the Sheep, and Yarn Zombies[TM].
Gasnier was nicknamed as "Puff the Magic Dragon," when he was still playing for the Dragons, ( Sean Fagan of wrote.