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PUHPick-Up Head (optical drives)
PUHPresbyterian University Hospital (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
PUHPharmacist's Ultimate Health (St. Paul, MN)
PUHPeptic Ulcer Hemorrhage (gastroenterology)
PUHPersonal Umbrella Handler
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Obstructed, incarcerated, recurrent or re-recurrent and big-sized hernias were excluded as it was the first experience of the author with laparoscopic PUH repairs.
Walking through the sandy streets of Puerto Viejo, where travellers desperately try to pedal their wares and drunken kids set off fireworks at night, I have to agree with Puh that the town is utterly charmless.
0000075) PTU Patient's expected total utility PUH Patient's expected utility of health PUW Patient's expected utility of wealth DVY Physician's expected utility of wealth DVL Physician's expected utility of leisure DTV Physician's expected total utility Note: Base values are in parentheses.