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PUKPatriotic Union of Kurdistan
PUKPersonal Unlocking Key (as used in mobile phones)
PUKPopUp Killer
PUKPotchefstroomkampus (South Africa)
PUKPop-Up Killer (browser utility)
PUKPin Unlocking Key
PUKPack-Up Kit
PUKParti Unitet Kombetar (Party of National Unity, Albania)
PUKPedagogische Unielokatie Kudelstaart
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The call for a parliamentary system was too much for the Barzani family, and the PUK and Gorran were unwilling or unable to offer a viable alternative, showing their own inability to compromise.
The KDP predominates in the West, while the PUK dominates in the East, adjacent to the Iranian border.
Currently a major party in Kurdistan, led by KRG's Barzani , and still a rival for the PUK.
The PUK used to be a long-standing ally of Iran's Shi'ite theocracy.
That was mainly the result of splits within the PUK as Talabani had remained in Germany since his hospitalisation in late 2012.
Sources speaking to Today's Zaman on the condition of anonymity say the KDP will form a coalition government with the PUK, and the Christian and Turkmen deputies.
incidents involving PUK security forces and the press.
Kurdistan List, a joint list of the KDP and PUK, won the largest share of seats and was tasked to form the next government.
The Secretary General of the PUK Jalal Talabani met with a delegation of the civil society organizations in the ethnically mixed city of Kirkuk.
Critics of the ruling parties--the PUK and the Kurdish Democratic Party, which controls western Kurdistan--say the squelching of political dissent goes too far.
In fact, the President of the Iraqi Republic now is a Kurd - PUK leader Jalal Talabani (see the OOD and RIM series on Iraq).