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PYTPretty Young Thing
PYTProfessional Yoga Therapist
PYTPull Yourself Together
PYTPresbyterian Youth Triennium (religious organization)
PYTPerth Youth Theatre (UK)
PYTPreliminary Yield Trial
PYTPound Your Truck (PYT Offroaders Association Inc.)
PYTPeople You Trust (party promotion)
PYTProve Yourself True (band)
PYTPennsylvania Youth Theater
PYTPaid, Young, and Taking on the World from the Drivers Seat
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Come, Bunny, pull yourself together, and you'll be a different man when you're in the open air.
May he and all of us be forgiven; but pull yourself together for your own sake.
You'll have to pull yourself together, my girl," he said sympathetically.
A lot of people suffer it worse than others, you can't look for sympathy, you've got to pull yourself together.
She said: "Sometimes people say that if you are a good Catholic, or if you have a religious belief, surely your relationship with God is going to be enough and that is going to get you through - surely it is a sign of weakness if you cannot pull yourself together and get over whatever the problem is that you are experiencing.
And Chekhov's sappy letters to his lover embarrass him: "For God's sake, pull yourself together, man
You will be able to pull yourself together and this is going to be an opportunity to do that.
You can either give up and hide yourself away or carry on and pull yourself together.
I don't know what you were doing going out getting drunk when your girlfriend is pregnant but I am going to give you one last opportunity to pull yourself together and avoid getting into more trouble.
His wife Ruth added: "I sat in shock for a few days and then you have to pull yourself together and get on with arrangements.
Because if you're unhealthy, you will have "Poverty" and you won't be able to work hard to buy food as well as to work properly to either educate yourself or pull yourself together or to send yourself to school or your kids.
We went through that when Diana announced her pregnancy by fainting in the Welsh rain, her Prince of Wales telling her to 'hurry up and pull yourself together, Diana'.