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PTTRProperty Transfer Tax Return (Vermont)
PTTRPacked to the Rafters (TV show)
PTTRPull to the Right (automobile)
PTTRPosta Telefon Telegraf Radio (former name of the Romanian Postal services)
PTTRPlain Text Terminal Ready
PTTRPaint The Town Red, Inc (New York City)
PTTRPine Tree Trail Riders (est. 1969; Auburn, ME)
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The two guards and the strong-side tackle pull to the right, with the back-side guard looking for the back-side LB, the strong-side tackle blocking the first defender to show outside of the WB, and the strong-side guard reading the block of his tackle.
Drivers pull to the right but keep rolling at 55 mph.
You know, when drivers pull to the right and slow down but don't come to a full stop.
The Hummer H3 is being recalled because of a problem in the SUVs hood that threatens to detach the hood when the vehicle is on move, while the Chevrolet Corvettes are recalled because of a problem in the model's steering that can result in unintended pull to the right or left.
Place right hand on head and gently pull to the right. Hold, then switch.