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Parameter Symbol Value Center frequency (GHz) [f.sub.c] 9.685 Slant range of scene center (km) [R.sub.0] 30 Sensor velocity (m/s) [v.sub.s] 215 Subaperture length (m) [l.sub.az] 2.5 System PRF (Hz) PRF 140 Transmit pulse length (us) [T.sub.p] 10 Number of subbands/subapertures N 2 Transmitted pulse bandwidth (MHz) [B.sub.s] 60 Sampling rate in range (MHz) [F.sub.r] 72 SNR (dB) SNR 6 Table 2: Channel errors (CE).
Parameters Value Carrier frequency 5.3 GHz Antenna length 6 m System PRF 2149 Hz Pulse duration 1 [micro]s Pulse bandwidth 100 MHz SAR velocity 7000 m/s Squint angle 30[degrees] Slant range of imaged center 300 km Table 2.
Parameters Value Antennal length (m) 6.4 Azimuth element antenna length (m) 0.02 Number of T/R in azimuth 320 Number of T/R modules with the same 20 phase on receive Carrier frequency in MISO-SAR (GHz) 9.6 Carrier frequencies in MIMO-SAR (GHz) 9.4, 9.8 Transmitted pulse duration ([micro]s) 10 Pulse bandwidth (MHz) 150 Sampled frequency (MHz) 180 Sensor velocity (m/s) 7500 Slant range (km) 700 Squint angles for bidirectional [+ or -] 4.476 imaging ([degrees])