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If this were a continuous monocycle pulse train the spectra under the envelope would be discrete lines and separated by the pulse repetition frequency (see example B in Appendix A).
For example, an MTI radar with pulse repetition frequency of 6,250, which samples 200 times per pulse and digitizes the I&Q values at 12 bits each, generates 30 Mbits per second of raw data.
It does this by comparing the incoming signal with an extensive threat library, usually one prepared by the user, that contains the parameters such as wavelength, pulse repetition frequency and pulse width of both hostile and friendly radars.
At higher altitudes in the 1GW mode, the pulse repetition frequency [F.
30 km for a signal with a pulse repetition frequency of 10,000 pulses/sec).
5 to 40 GHz if required) and the architecture is configured to intercept and analyse exotic signal types including chirp, frequency hopping and staggered pulse repetition frequency (PRF) configurations.
The BASS-02X, operating with a pulse repetition frequency of 700 Hz, represents a duty cycle of only 0.
The pulse repetition frequency (PRF) is chosen to be near 5000 Hz to provide high correlation between pulses, providing better than 1 m/s precision on the Doppler velocity estimate.