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"The high needs budget for pupils with special educational needs is PS6 billion this year - the highest on record.
The mother-of-two, who is of Greek origin, has faced off gang members looking for young recruits outside her school, helped students from broken homes or pupils with special educational needs flourish academically and socially, redesigned the curriculum, led the professional development of teachers, and much more.
The HNB budget is solely for the purpose of providing education for pupils with special educational needs (SEN).
The commissioning of a four year longitudinal study, (Project IRIS--Inclusive Research in Irish Schools) by the National Council for Special Educational Needs in Ireland, sought to gain data related to the provision made for pupils with special educational needs in Irish schools, their social and educational experiences and the outcomes of interventions in relation to their learning.
"With regard to pupils with special educational needs, while there is much good practice we are aware that many families are not satisfied with the service they receive, and issues around SEN (Special Educational Needs) could contribute to poor behaviour and subsequent exclusion."
This coverage focused on one case in particular and implied that the school was not sufficiently inclusive of pupils with special educational needs."
The new school, for pupils with special educational needs from the Meirionnydd and Dwyfor areas, will benefit from the latest facilities and resources.
"This includes pupils of all ages across the school, high ability pupils and pupils with special educational needs.
need to remember that with over 20% of children having some form of special need, all teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs and it is important that all staff acknowledge SEN as a whole school responsibility.
In the case of Bulgaria to the middle of the year 2007 around 4 000 pupils with special educational needs had left the special schools and had gone to the general mainstream school.
Individual support can be offered much more readily, especially to those pupils with special educational needs and this is important for a child's development.
Early childhood education, the transition from school to employment, and the responsibility for services for pupils with special educational needs must be shared between different services and professionals, such as health, social, employment, and education services.