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PPVPay Per View
PPVPositive Predictive Value (parameter of diagnostic examination in medicine)
PPVPoints Plus Value (Weight Watchers)
PPVPoly (Phenylene Vinylene)
PPVPositive Pressure Ventilation
PPVPars Plana Vitrectomy
PPVPlum Pox Virus
PPVPeak Particle Velocity (mining)
PPVPorcine Parvovirus
PPVPago por Ver (Spanish: Pay per View)
PPVPneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine
PPVPolice Pursuit Vehicle
PPVPulse Pressure Variation
PPVPublic-Private Venture
PPVPurchase Price Variance
PPVProportioning Valve
PPVPower Point Viewer
PPVPlanned Product Value
PPVPolice Package Vehicle
PPVPublic Passenger Vehicle (legal classification; various locations)
PPVPeak-to-Peak Voltage (electricity)
PPVPerturbation Projection Vector
PPVPick-Up Passenger Vehicle
PPVPneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine
PPVPedal-Powered Vehicle
PPVPer Page View (web site services billing)
PPVPrivate Passenger Vehicle
PPVProduct Price Variance (economics)
PPVPages Per Visitor
PPVProfessionele Project Verhuizers (Dutch brand for professional usiness movers)
PPVPeople Powered Vehicle
PPVPre Production Verification
PPVPatent Procesus Vaginalis
PPVParent Path Vector
PPVPost Production Verification (software development)
PPVProduct Platform Validation (software/hardware)
PPVPower Price Vector
PPVPoint of Peak Velocity
PPVPrice Point Variance (financial management)
PPVProduct/Process Validation Vehicle (General Motors automotive)
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The management team meets monthly to review the P&L statement, balance sheet, cash flow and a list of key metrics that include material cost of sales, labor/efficiency, gross margin, purchase price variances (PPV), inventory turns, cash conversion cycle, net margin and EBITDA % on sales.
I have to do whatever it takes to avoid unfavorable purchase price variances. That's why I'm buying from them again.
My ability to create favorable purchase price variances is the relevant measure of my performance."
The $7,902 favorable FB price variance is solely a result of favorable materials purchase price variances. Observe from Table 3, Panel B, that the revenue-price variance is zero since in this example AR and FB selling prices are equal.
More timely and accurate information would likely reduce the amount of errors in shipping, invoicing and processing, and would also reduce purchase price variances. The results of the study will be available early in 2001.
Purchase price variances are recognized when the material is paid for.