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POVPrivately Owned Vehicle
POVPre-Owned Vehicle
POVPercentage of Volume (finance)
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POVPerson Of Vision
POVParliament of Victoria (Australia)
POVPower of Veto (Big Brother TV show)
POVPersistence of Vision
POVProgram Obnovy Venkova (Czech: Rural Rehabilitation Program)
POVPersistance of Vision (ray tracing program)
POVPower Operated Vehicle
POVPeak Operating Voltage
POVPsychology of Vision
POVPhysician Office Visit
POVPneumatic Operated Valve (engineering device)
POVProof of Value
POVPromise of Value (IBM computer security chip)
POVPurpose of Visit (medical coding)
POVPissed Off Voters
POVProtection Order Violation (law)
POVPoint of Value
POVPlane of Valor (gaming)
POVPatient Office Visit
POVPacket Over VDSL
POVPre Operation Verification
POVProximity Operations Vehicle
POVPressure Operated Valve
POVPittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway Company
POVPropagation Of Variance
POVPoint of Variability
POVPaper Overlay Veneer
POVPajotse Oldtimer Vrienden (Dutch; vintage automobile club; Belgium)
POVPeople of Value
POVPoints, Opinions, Violent Reactions (The Buzz; Philippines)
POVPensioner on Viagra
POVPass Out Victim
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He said the purpose of visit is to see on the ground the conditions of people who returned to their home villages and to coordinate with Government of North Darfur State in implementing programs of free repatriation of displaced persons and refugees in Kabkabiya Locality.
With speculation rife, PTI wants purpose of visit stated
5 Region Travelers Purpose of Visit & Forecast (2012 -- 2024)
When visitors are allowed access, ensure the following is recorded: name, address and telephone number; Where the visitor is from; purpose of visit and previous farm visited.
In reaching this decision, I considered several factors, including travel history, family ties in Canada and in country of residence, purpose of visit, current employment situation.
As of late, it is still unclear what Lena's parents' purpose of visit really is, but this will be revealed on Tuesday night's episode.
Security agencies are trying to verify each document but are puzzled for his purpose of visit to India.
5 million trips made in 2014; leisure being the main purpose of visit.
Any individual who wants to enter inside the HIA for any official purpose, must bring a copy of the passport or ID card for citizens, a copy of residence or visit visa (for residents), personal photo, and fill in the provisional security permit application along with the letter from the authority for whom he work for, explaining the purpose of visit and the specific areas to enter.
While crossing the border, a citizen claims "work" as his/her purpose of visit and must apply for a patent within 30 days.
In their turns, ambassadors described their purpose of visit to the eastern Turkey as desiring to see the developments in the region on the site.
The purpose of visit is to study existing system of Solid Waste Management in Quetta and to prepare recommendations for an improved SWM system and comprehensive master plan for country's largest province.