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PPIPPublic-Private Investment Program
PPIPPut Prevention Into Practice
PPIPPrivate Practice in Pennsylvania (Yahoo! group)
PPIPPortugal-Indonesia Friendship Association
PPIPProvincial Parental Insurance Plan (Canada)
PPIPPulse Polio Immunisation Programme
PPIPProgram Protection Implementation Plan
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"Put Prevention Into Practice" is a national initiative of the U.S.
The goal of "Put Prevention Into Practice" is to preserve the health of all Americans by improving the preventive care they receive.
You can help put prevention into practice by working with your health care providers to make sure that you get all the preventive care you need.
Child Health Guide: Put Prevention into Practice. Consumer Information.
Put Prevention into Practice. Am J Prev Med 1996; 12:219-20.
Recently, the Put Prevention into Practice (PPIP) program incorporated many different interventions into an organized, comprehensive program designed to address patient, clinician, and systems barriers.
Put Prevention Into Practice: Office Systems Materials For providers: Clinician's Handbook of Preventive Services In each of 60 chapters, this book concisely provides five types of information for each type of preventive service: burden of suffering of the target disorder(s), recommendations of major authorities, basics of how to perform each type of preventive service, scientific references, and a listing of patient education resources.
Unity of effort is critical for the promotion of clinical prevention because of the enormity of the task and the need to provide clinicians and the public with clear information and consistent messages about preventive care.1,2 Representatives of 32 major national organizations and all agencies of the US Public Health Service comprised the National Coordinating Committee on Clinical Preventive Services, which served as the overseeing body for the Put Prevention Into Practice campaign.
A guiding principle in the development of the Put Prevention Into Practice campaign has been that preventive care efforts should address the whole patient, not just specific organ systems or diseases.
The office tools developed for the Put Prevention Into Practice campaign are based largely on high-quality tools developed for disease-specific projects but adapted to the needs of comprehensive primary care.[3-6]