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PUTAPunjabi University Teachers Association (India)
PUTAPeshawar University Teachers Association (University of Peshawar, Pakistan)
PutAproline utilization A
PUTAPara Una Tierna Amiga
PUTAProlix United Teachers Association
PUTAPondicherry University Teachers Association
PUTAPune University Teachers Association
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Mohammad Iqbal, General Secretary PUTA added that the general body meeting will be held in early December.
Mohammad Khalid, the PUTA president said the institutions affiliated to the university had been producing a large number of graduates.
Thought to be the best example of its kind in the world, the 18th Century Maori rei puta necklace, made from the tooth of a sperm whale, has been on loan to the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden.
the true importance of women is in the home and through maternity," added Rovira, who, like many other women taking part in the march, had the word puta written with a black highlighter pen on her forehead.
Wagner H, Anders Ch, Puta Ch, Petrovitch A, Morl F, Schilling N, Witte H, Blickhan R.
Trudy Puta, 22, of Cape Hill revealed her late husband Chilunga's headstone had been targeted: "I'm disgusted.
I tenei ao, ka puta katoo mai te pai o te whakaoturanga mo te
It can conveniently use the spacious PUTA Hall by renting it out to wedding parties.
if we putA together our efforts we can have results by the end of the year.
The overall effect of the passage is further enhanced by the line "ditosa patria que tais filhos pariu," which conflates a patriotic sentiment from Camoes with the vulgar curse "a puta que te pariu" ("son of a bitch").
Y ago, people would puta money for holidays and extra now they buy gizmos, TVs every room of the house many more luxuries.
Ja i sestra da umremo od smeha, a to se i ocu dade nesto na smeh pa nekoliko puta razvuce malo levu stranu od usta i oko levoga oka nabra mu se koza.