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PUUCPiedmont Unitarian Universalist Church (Charlotte, NC)
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The experimental tests showed "how the ancient Puuc Maya manipulated materials available to them to produce objects that potentially represent a staple of every Puuc Maya kitchen inventory, maybe even representing a local cooking technique and cuisine," Simms said.
It may not be coincidental that a post-classic Maya culture, the Puuc (cf.
The oldest structures, which contain the famous Maya arch and representations of the large-nosed rain god, reflect the influence of the Puuc architectural style.
Since 1999, Millsaps has been developing a living laboratory called Kaxil Kiuic (pronounced "ka-sheel kee-week") in the Puuc region of Yucatan, Mexico.
On old maps of the region, the area is designated "Rancho Kiuic", one of several sites in the Puuc Hills region of Yucatan known to contain ruins of Mayan buildings.
In ancient times Dzitbalche was an important town due to its proximity to the capital and its location on the main road, which followed along the western foot of the Puuc hills.