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PVO2Mixed Venous Oxygen Tension
PVO2Pulmonary Venous Oxygen Tension
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Female - PVO2 max = 50.513 + 1.589 (PA-R) - 0.289 (age) - 0.552 (% body fat); Male - PVO2 max = 56.376 + 1.589 (PA-R) - 0.289 (age) 0.552 (% body fat)
Partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood (PaO2) is "usually normal or low-normal in cases of CO poisoning but partial pressure of oxygen in venous blood (PvO2) is abnormally high, indicating substantial impairment of oxygen delivery from arterial blood plasma into tissue," Donnay explains.
Influence of mixed venous oxygen tension (Pvo2) on blood flow to atelectatic lung.