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Specifically the pWinning percentage of players on a winning team will be 66.7 by construction (2 pWins vs.
But pitchers accounted for 44.3% of pWins over replacement level (excluding pitcher offense).
Actual runs allowed may not track perfectly with team wins because of differences in timing (e.g., "clutch performance," "pitching to the score"), but these differences should generally be beyond the scope of fWAA and eWOPA, as well (but not pWins and pWOPA, which explicitly measure such factors, of course).
I actually begin by calculating pWins, which tie to team wins by construction.
Under my system, to move from players' team-dependent won-lost records (pWins and pLosses) to a team won-lost record, one subtracts out what I call "background wins" and "background losses." One-third of a player's decisions are background wins and one-third of a player's decisions are background losses.
Basic Results: pWins and pLosses, eWins and eLosses
As mentioned, player wins (pWins) end up being on a similar scale to traditional pitcher wins: 20 wins is a very good season total, 300 wins is an excellent career total.
There are a total of 58 major-league players who have accumulated 300 or more pWins over games for which Retrosheet has released play-by-play data (1948-2011).
Accumulating 300 pWins is certainly a noteworthy accomplishment.
The top 50 players in career pWins over positional average (pWOPA) over the Retrosheet Era (1948-2011) are shown in Table 2.
Focusing on players' wins above average helps to highlight players who had relatively short but brilliant careers, players like Pedro Martinez, whose 194.8 career pWins rank a fairly low 325th in the Retrosheet Era, while his 33.3 pWOPA ranks a much more impressive 15th, or Mariano Rivera, whose 119.6 pWins rank even lower than Pedro's (914th) but who ranks 30th in career pWOPA with 28.3.
The top 50 players in career pWins over replacement level (pWORL) over the Retrosheet Era (1948-2011) are shown in Table 3.