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PYREXPyrénées Experiment
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Headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, World Kitchen and its affiliates manufacture and market products worldwide through a portfolio of brands, including under the Pyrex, Corelle, Corningware, Snapware, Chicago Cutlery, Revere, Visions, Ekco and Baker's Secret trademarks.
(You didn't know there were serious collectors of Pyrex? Hold that thought.)
Pyrex has been providing glass bakeware that is functional, affordable, durable, odor and stain-resistant since 1915, designed to help generations of home bakers get the most out of their oven.
Water boxes and Pyrex rods were treated by placing them inside the cluster of four fuel pins and group constants of whole cluster were used in diffusion calculations.
First, Cr and Au metals were sequentially deposited on 500 thick Pyrex glass substrate with layer thicknesses of 30 [micro]m and 40 nm, respectively (Figure 2(a)).
His test subject was a 6-inch-diameter, 1-inch-thick Pyrex mirror blank mounted in an 8-inch-diameter, Protostar lightweight, resin-impregnated cardboard tube.
He has also produced many mix tape tracks with underground artists like Pyrex Press, Massiv, Nyze and Verb Kent.
John Traynor, Glasgow READER Norma Robertson says she bought a Pyrex jug in 1962 to mix her baby's feed and is still using it.
Her Totem lights, shown at Nilufar Gallery during Design Miami/Basel, form what she calls a "system" of stacked curvaceous shapes blown from Pyrex.
CONTACTS: National Center for Home Food Preparation,; Pyrex,; Ball,; MedicineNet,
These include a partnership with York-based building giant Persimmon Homes to build 260 homes and 16,000sq ft of office accommodation at the former Pyrex glass factory site in Sunderland.