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Pyrosequencing reads obtained from this study were deposited in the EMBL SRA database under study accession number PRJ EB4428 (http://www.
Pyrosequencing revealed NA-H134N in 1 specimen; the respective isolate, B/Laos/0654/2016, displayed the expected NA inhibition profile (Table 1).
To confirm our findings from the 450K analysis of human vaginal cell DNA we used pyrosequencing to measure percent DNA methylation at two specific CpG sites in the gene proline rich 5 like (PRR5L).
A total of 302,327 valid sequences of 16 samples were obtained after 454 pyrosequencing and 158,015 high quality sequences after filtering and removing chimera, in which the most abundant sequences were obtained from the sample DQ, and the least were from the sample CY, as shown in Table 1.
Detection of mixed populations of wild-type and YMDD hepatitis B variants by pyrosequencing in acutely and chronically infected patients.
In this study, we, therefore, compared the LINE-1 methylation and the relative average TL between WT and normal control tissues, using pyrosequencing and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR), respectively.
Specimen adequacy in light of the limit of detection of the pyrosequencing assay was required for all cases, resulting in the exclusion of 6 LPL cases (12%) with insufficient neoplastic infiltrate by morphologic review.
The amplicons from the validation PCR and the initial pyrosequencing PCR reactions were purified using the Wizard DNA Purification Kit (Promega, Madison, WI, USA).
454 pyrosequencing reveals a shift in fecal microbiota of healthy adult men consuming polydextrose or soluble corn fiber.
Nine tenders for the supply of different scientific instruments including (a) highly flexible, comprehensive, real-time PCR platform with digital PCR (open array block) including digital plate loading system (an AccuFill system), (b) automated nucleic acid extractor, (c) automated PCR setting equipment, (d) pyrosequencing technology for genetic analysis by real-time sequencing of PCR templates, (e) gel documentation system with built in camera, (f) gradient thermo cycler + tools for the same, (g) a vacuum concentrator, (h) a refrigerated (keypad) centrifuge including rotor for spin columns and two additional rotors, also (i) an upright ultra low temperature deep freezer (up to minus 86 grade C).
Metagenomic Pyrosequencing and Microbial Identification