Q-CQuad Cities (metropolitan area of Iowa and Illinois)
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Geared primarily to q-c applications, its performance is said to surpass that of the research-grade spectrometers of a decade ago.
On the other hand, q-c grade benchtop spectrophotometers, particularly those recently brought to market by several suppliers, are selling at or below $10,000.
of Kollmorgen Corp., Newburgh, N.Y., is offering a new package of its Color-Eye 2145 compact benchtop q-c spectrophotometer, which features pulsed-xenon light source and 45/0 |degrees~ optics, together with its Optiview q-c software at under $8500.
Bob Van Arsdell, product manager at Datacolor International in Lawrenceville, N.J., also concedes that the most recent generation of portables equals the performance of q-c grade benchtop spectrophotometers.
However, Dow is not yet using Bozzelli's dynamic and static flow tests for routine q-c of resin batches, partly because of the relatively short time Dow has been working with this technology.
In keeping with these standards, q-c technicians continually inspect incoming materials - even those of long-standing vendors.
General's purchasing manager, "Vendors must have a military-specification type of q-c control system in place.
After the part is accepted, five q-c technicians monitor the entire rotomolding process - from incorporating the right amount of resin to heating and cooling.
Grotke, manufacturing manager for Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.'s Resins & Coatings Div., Toledo, Ohio, will be having the confidence in one's methods to eliminate final-product q-c altogether in favor of inprocess testing that should reliably predict the quality of the end result.
At many firms, including Argus, those plant-level quality coordinators wear another "hat"--lab manager, technical or q-c manager, or plant manager.
The server is linked to 15 other PC's throughout the plant--in the q-c lab and offices of Dave Schoeneck, the plant manager, plant supervisor, shift foreman, purchasing, shipping and inventory departments, and others.
The q-c lab stores the shop-floor data on an IBM PS/2 Model 30 PC, which supplements the time- and date-stamped quality files with additional qualtiy data from the lab's own tests.