Q-SWITCHHeterostructure-defined electron waveguides for quantum-based switching applications
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A flash lamp pumped 2.09 [micro]m Cr,Tm,Ho:YAG laser utilizing a self-grown [La.sub.3][Ga.sub.5]Si[O.sub.14] crystal as the EO Q-switch generator is proposed and demonstrated for the first time [19].
After the opening delay time of Q-switch was optimized and the thermal depolarization was compensated, 520 mJ pulse energy with 35 ns pulse width was obtained at a pump energy of 250 J at 3 Hz and corresponding peak power of 14.86 MW.
He created the Q-Switch system in which a drill change takes 30 seconds from the time the door is opened until the start button is pushed.
The developers expect the device to operate up to 300 W, 10 times higher than the equivalent commercially available electro-optic Q-switch, enabling a new generation of high average power lasers for machining, heat treatment of metal surfaces (laser peening), or for laser-probing the interaction of light with matter.
Advanced features such as an internal pulse generator, Q-switch triggering, an external trigger input, and sync output simplify laser system design, monitoring and control.
To determine the efficacy and safety of Q-switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser for melasma treatment.
The NaturaLase 1064 can also be upgraded to the NaturaLase QS, the highest energy Q-switched system in the world—the "Gold Standard for all color tattoo removal." The NaturaLase QS offers multiple wavelengths for removal of multi-colored tattoos.
This technology is the Focus Medical NaturaLase Q-switched Yag Laser.