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Q1HEvery 1 Hour
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The faster growth of the relative crystallinity was observed for PLAA1.2(Q1h)130 compared to PLA(Q1h)130, Fig.
7a, the overall crystallization rate was observed to be considerably low for PLAA3.6(Q1h)[T.sub.a] and PLAA6(Q1h)[T.sub.a] due to the morphological confinement, as a consequence of the network formation.
The degree of crystallinity of PLAA3.6(Q1h)[T.sub.a] is similar to that of PLAA6(Q1h)[T.sub.a], within the crystallization period, at different annealing temperatures (90[degrees]C[less than or equal to][T.sub.a][less than or equal to]130[degrees]C).
A significant development of [X.sub.RA] was found for PLAA1.2(Q1h)70 due to the formation of short-range ordering.
The overall crystallization rate is significantly higher for PLAA1.2(Q1h)[T.sub.a] compared to the other nanocomposites, at the same annealing temperature as shown in Fig.