Q2CQuote to Cash
Q2CQuabbin to Cardigan Initiative (est. 2003)
Q2CQuote to Completion
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Speaker: Paul Beretz, Pacific Business Solutions, A Q2C Partner
Ginger Boewe, Manager of Customer Data for Champion Laboratories, comments, "We've used DataServ's Q2C solution on the AR side for almost four years now and we are confident with their document and process automation service.
Under the terms of the alliance, CRM and Q2C will refer each other's services to their respective customers, thus enhancing the overall service each is able to provide.
Among its other activities, Q2C provides independent consulting to companies facing information management challenges pertaining to potential or existing customers.
Entering into this referral partner program with Q2C is an important milestone for CRM and our customer base," said Jerry Flum, Chairman & CEO.
Our Real-Time Enterprise Blueprint provides a personalized value framework for achieving Q2C advantage while our S&OP execution application, nthPower, enables real-time end-to-end execution necessary to realize that advantage.