Q5HEvery 5 Hours
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The same method was applied to the "shortPSQI" where we first scored our six of the nine remaining questions in this component ((Q5b) wake up in the middle of the night or early morning; (Q5d) can't breathe comfortably; (Q5e) cough or snore loudly; (Q5g) feel too hot; (Q5h) have bad dreams; and (Q5i) have pain) on a 0-3 scale and then summed the questions' scores to generate a total between 0 and 18.
(Q5d), (Q5g), (Q5h), and (Q5i) load on Factor 3 that may be collectively named as sleep disturbances due to lack of comfort including pain, problems breathing, being too hot, and having bad dreams.
Fluid therapy (20 mL/kg IV q5h of 20% Duphalyte diluted in Hartmann solution) and marbofloxacin (15 mg/kg IM q12h; Marbocyl, Vetoquinol, Buckingham, UK) administration were begun.