Q6HEvery 6 Hours
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5] MED CODES: N- new drua, O-on at visit, X-toxicity, C-chanae dose, D-discontinue, T-taper, R-resume, I-iniection, V-only today MEDICATIONS Naproxen O-880 Q6H 440 BID 440 BID 440 BID Ranitidine O-150 BID 150 BID 150 BID 150 BID Acetaminophen with O-30 TID 30 TID D-30 TID Codeine Prednisone N-3 QD 3 QD 3 QD 3 QD Methotrexate N-10 QWK 20 QWK C-15 QWK 15 QWK Folic Acid N-l QD 1 QD 1 QD 1 QD Adalimumab Depo-Medrol MDHAQ DATE 28Dec04 08Feb05 28Mar06 FUNCTIONAL STATUS 0 0 0 (FN) [0-10] PAIN (PN) [0-10] 6.
Now, serial Q6H CT or daily MRI scans acquire and store data about brain tissue to provide those answers and that evidence.