QA2Quality Assurance, Second Level
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The current can only flow through the switch QA2 and the diode D5 to the load under the switch QA1 fault, while the inverter operates in the P state and the current [I.sub.a] > 0.
Q and QA2 (Ljung-Box-Pierce) statistics signifying the presence of significant serial correlation in both residual and square residuals at lag 4, 8 and 12.
* JCR ranking QA2 Is there a clear statement of the aim * Yes of research?
By comparing the pattern of constituents in the sample QA2 which are provided from bauxite samples without grinding, it can be concluded that the severity and extent of broadband components of the mill are significantly reduced.
Further studies showed that both models were in accordance with the down-regulation of CD24 and upregulation of Qa2 and CD62L [25, 26].
Evidence that HLA-G is the functional homolog of mouse Qa2, the Ped gene product.
Total revenues for the quarter were up to USD56.3m, as compared with USD55.7m in QA2 2015.
Operating loss (EBITA) for the quarter was EUR1.1m, as compared with EUR3.6m in QA2 2014.
BMB Plastics Machinery Limited has taken on sole distributorship of Lacerta"s identiPol range of products, including the next generation QA2 and new OIT models launched at the trade show.