QACSQuality Assurance and Customer Service
QACSQuality Assurance and Control Systems Ltd. (Greece)
QACSQuality Assurance Certification Scheme (International Association of Classification Societies)
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As I sat there eating the discarded waffle, it occurred to me that if our toaster had been equipped with a built-in MRI scanner, this problem and the associated loss of 120[+ or -]9 QACS (Quality-Adjusted Child Seconds, pronounced "quacks") could have been avoided.
For example, the appropriate trade-off of QASIs (Quality-Adjusted Spouse Instants, pronounced "quasies"(1)) with QACS has not been thoroughly investigated.
A 3J85 PQE srl 3B42 Praxis Pharmaceutical 3D56 Provei SA 3D97 QACS Laboratories 3B87 Qatar Pharma 3B93 Qualicaps 2H6 Quality Assistance S.