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The modified clays are usually prepared using a quaternary ammonium cation (QAC), which is exchanged by sodium cations from the intermediate layer regions (Cloisite 10A or 10A-C).
Except for the QACs and NaOH, incubation time for all the disinfectants and essential oils was 60 min and survivors were enumerated every 15 min by plating on Tryptic soy agar containing yeast extract, esculin and ferric ammonium citrate (TSAYE-EF).
According to literature data [52], QACs generally act by disrupting the cytoplasmic and outer membrane lipid bilayers through association of the positively charged quaternary nitrogen with the anionic head groups of acidic phospholipids and interaction of the lipophilic tail with the hydrophobic membrane core.
aureus and CoNS isolates, confers reduced susceptibility to a wide range of antimicrobial organic cations, including QACs and biguanides.
Flush samples were collected at the inlet and outlet of the filter systems, and analyzed for petroleum compounds, Quaternary Ammonia Compounds (QAC), nutrients (NO3, NH3, PO4, SO4), hardness, zinc, copper, and chemical oxygen demand (COD).
It is indicated that the function of aldehyde dehydrogenase and iron containing alcohol dehydrogenase of Pseudomonas putida GB-1, function as oxidization of QACs. (c) 2013 Friends Science Publishers
Two disinfectant biocides, Azoactive[TM] and Azomax[TM], are available in a variety of formats to suit many applications and are based on a highly effective formulation of quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) and polymeric biguanide (PHMB).
Batch and fixed bed sorption of methylene blue on precursor and QACs modified montmorillonite, Sep.
Major contractors including CPC Holding, Shibh Al Jazira, Maurer Sohne, ECO, EarthTech, MK4MEPS, Archirodon, Acrow Misr, Inspectech, PERI, Pitchmastic PmB, VSL, QACS, CCL, Volkmann & Rossbach, Doka, GTI, Stirling Lloyd and Ulma will showcase their technologies and products at the expo.- TradeArabia News Service
D S Deshmukh in 1990, is a manufacturer of organic chemicals in three segments - key specialty chemicals, QACs, and QPCs.