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Two weeks later, on the 10th of June, they arrived at Saint Louis, where the governor gave them a magnificent reception, and they recovered completely from their excitement and fatigue.
What has become of the chamber of the chancellery, where Saint Louis consummated his marriage?
had himself sculptured on his knees before the Virgin, and whither he caused to be brought, without heeding the two gaps thus made in the row of royal statues, the statues of Charlemagne and of Saint Louis, two saints whom he supposed to be great in favor in heaven, as kings of France.
Some of his biographers think that upon this occasion the spirit of Saint Louis had descended upon him.
there wouldn't a been no 'Son of Saint Louis, ascend to heaven
An old man, decorated with the cross of Saint Louis, now rose and proposed the health of King Louis XVIII.
He's round at the Hotel Saint Louis by the Elysee, where we drove with him.
Des Lupeaulx was not mistaken; he was appointed Master of petitions, Knight of the order of Saint Louis, and officer of the Legion of honor.
Any boy in the whole town but that Saint Louis smarty that thinks he dresses so fine and is aristocracy