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QAFQueer As Folk (TV series)
QAFQuick Adapter Function
QAFQuality Assessment Framework
QAFQuality Air Force
QAFQ Adapter Function
QAFQuadrature All-Pass Filter
QAFQueen Alia Fund for Social Development (Jordan)
QAFQuality Assurance Form
QAFQuotation Analysis Form
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Only ascetics and Sufis who had come down from Mount Qaf, those who were cast adrift--after the mountain vanished--and their descendants around the world, those who resisted the temptations of this life and chose, after decades of wandering, to settle and make their homes in the mountains and high places, only they could endure the burden of telling the story in its original form, and thus, reunite it with the Nights.
Accordingly, the expression, from Qaf to Qaf, which means from the east where the sun rises to the west where the sun sets, is found in Richardson's translation of Hafiz's poetry which Kipling might have read (80).
Alem da aplicacao de seis questionarios por QAF, realizaram-se mais duas entrevistas propositais com moradores residentes na agrovila desde sua implantacao que foram entrevistados com o objetivo de embasar as informacoes gerais da implantacao da comunidade no assentamento.
From Wav' (Elevator of Degrees'- Ibn-e-Arabi') to Qaf ' (Footstool of Power) the soul hitherto a tightly wound up coil has finally come undone and spent it's fragile autonomy on infinity.
The QAF identifies activities, methods and tools to show how compliance with the CoP can be demonstrated.
Al-Sowaidi, chief executive officer at Qatari company Qaf, who part-sponsor the project, said that, in the future, research would be carried out to explore possibilities in terms of horticulture and freshwater generation, as well as energy and algae production.
QAF borrowed heavily from the Total Quality Management (TQM) work of Dr.
An art exhibition entitled Qaf is taking place at Naqsh Gallery in Al A'ali Shopping Complex until tomorrow.
The maternal figure is smoking, her mouth forming the Arabic letter qaf (often transliterated as a "q").
Keeping in mind Attar's Qaf, one might note that Attai's pilgrim returns to die mundane world after his union and annihilation.
Destroyer of Tilisms [magical spells], Devs [godlike beings] of Qaf and Zul-mat, the world renowned champion warrior," etc.
This article makes a case for the importance of cultivating those relations in Islamic poetry, by analyzing Alberto Mussa's Portuguese novel, The Riddle of Qaf, which revolves around an Arabian Ode.