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QAGQueensland Art Gallery (Australia)
QAGQuality Assurance Group (TWG/TAT-14)
QAGQuick Access Group (Norton Desktop software)
QAGQuality Advisory Group
QAGQvale Automotive Group (San Francisco, CA)
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Under the direction of the IAB Ad Technology Council and Networks & Exchanges Committee, The 614 Group will oversee and steer the QAG 2.
The QAG program for networks and exchanges was a great start, but now is the time to take the program broader and deeper.
The fifth triennial, which occupies the lion's share of the QAG and the new museum, features the work of thirty-seven solo artists and two collectives, a performance component, and two film programs.
Embracing QAG for video and mobile is just the latest in a string of industry-leading standardization efforts by Tremor Video.
The QAG enhances advertisers' control over the placement and context of their ads and offers transparency to the marketplace by standardizing the information provided to advertisers.
The seal, which can be placed on the company's website and marketing materials, certifies that the company is adhering fully to the only industry established criteria as outlined by the QAG, finalized in June 2010.
Future major exhibitions include Australia's first survey of Andy Warhol's work across all media at GoMA, organised with the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and a Kenneth Macqueen exhibition at QAG," he said.