QAHNQuebec Anglophone Heritage Network (Quebec, Canada)
QAHNQuality Assurance Hold Notice
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On 03 December 2012, we received confirmation from QAHN that our submission has been chosen and will be included in the SOFTI project.
Even though it has no link to the SOFTI Project, it is very interesting to note that a two-page text titled, Commemorating a Loyalist--The restoration of Sir John Johnson's Burial Vault, written by Jessica Campbell, appeared in the magazine, Quebec Heritage News, Winter 2013, published by QAHN.
At our Annual Meeting 2 June 2001, we heard the interesting speaker Richard Evans, President of the newly formed umbrella network of historical and heritage associations in Quebec, which is called QAHN (Quebec Anglo Heritage Network).
At the spring meeting of QAHN, Marion Phelps became the first person to receive an award named in her honour, showing appreciation for her long term and outstanding contribution to the preservation of Anglophone Heritage in the Province of Quebec.