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QAIQuality Assurance International
QAIQuality Assurance Institute (Orlando, Florida)
QAIQuality Auditing Institute
QAIQuality Assurance Inspection
QAIQuantitative Analytics Inc.
QAIQuality Assurance Instructions
QAIQualified Aerospace Instructor (UK)
QAIQuality Assurance and Improvement
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The QAI and AHPA guidance document details the requirements for each of these labeling options and provides examples of dietary supplements most likely to qualify for each category.
QAI perceives People CMM as an effective and structured approach for assessing and improving the current people practices.
According to Deane, "Using this teaching instrument, the viewer will be exposed to a professionally developed video instruction tool that is backed by the quality that QAI customers have come to expect from our ISO9001 registered company.
Thomson Financiala executive Suresh Kavan said that QAI "has established itself as the leading provider of multi-class, high-end analytics.
QAI will transport some 600 boxes of files and nearly 300 rolls of microfilm, comprising millions of paper pages, photographs and fingerprint cards as well as over a half million microfilm images, to its facilities in Fulton for sorting and digitization.
Commenting on this launch of new Training Program from QAI , Mr.
According to QAI owner Craig Deane, "There was a lot of basic, aeriel view, low grade video instruction tools that seemed to be just narrated slide shows or snippets of classroom instruction.
Orlando (US), Nov 9 (ANI/Business Wire India): QAI (www.
Similarly, USDA-accredited certifiers, such as QAI, are also held to very stringent requirements.
Organic certification from QAI will allow Wixon to manufacture, process, and distribute certified organic products and ingredients to the food and beverage industries.
IndexIQ's QAI launched an asset class when it was listed on NYSE Arca in March of 2009; brought liquid, transparent hedge strategies to the ETF world
com), a 100 per cent subsidiary of QAI Global (www.