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QAIQuality Assurance International
QAIQuality Assurance Institute (Orlando, Florida)
QAIQuality Assurance and Improvement
QAIQuality Auditing Institute
QAIQuality Assurance Inspection
QAIQuantitative Analytics Inc.
QAIQuality Assurance Instructions
QAIQualified Aerospace Instructor (UK)
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Whitfield Diffie, who's support demonstrates Quantum Xchange's potential impact on the industry, positions Quantum Xchange to be a valuable and contributing member of the QAI.
QAI, which launched in 2009, was one of the first hedge fund replication ETFs.
At launch in March 2009, QAI introduced a new class of liquid alternative exchange-traded funds, providing investors and their advisors with access to a hedge fund-like strategy in an ETF, with all the advantages that fund structure entails --low costs, high liquidity, and full transparency.
AHPA's role as the voice of the herbal products industry and QAI's 23 years of experience in organic certification position them perfectly to provide guidance specifically tailored to supplement companies that want to formulate and market organic products."
This tri-pronged approach amalgamated with QAI's quality approach aims to expose students to the concept, benefits and importance of quality early in their lives.
Commenting on the achievement, Navyug Mohnot, chief executive of QAI, said: "As a trusted partner and assessor on the journey, we at QAI believe that BankMuscat has demonstrated the rigour, commitment and confidence to successfully complete the requirements of People CMM L3 maturity rating.
QAI Global Institute the workforce development division of QAI has signed an agreement with Singapore Computer Society ( to promote quality assurance certifications and quality best practices amongst IT professionals in Singapore, at the second annual Infocomm Professional Development Forum on 8th July '10.
Every year, QAI would dispatch a freelance inspector to AZPA's plantation and mill, most recently Luis Brenes, an organic inspector based in Costa Rica.
Berth occupancy was managed at the Port at eighty two percent on Sunday where a total of ten ships namely, C.V Nord Winter, C.V QAI AI-Fujaa, C.V MSC Jeanne, M.V Miltades, M,V Alexi-III, M.V Tien Yen, M.V Panthera, M.T Chemtrans Elbe, M,T New Toyokaze and M.T AI-Anbariah were occupied at PQA berths to load/offload containers, rice, cement, Project Cargo, chemicals, palm oil and Furnace oil respectively during last 24 hours.
The partnership between ETI and Experimentus, offers access to accredited TMMi training and Assessments to QAI and ETI clients.
Their efforts have included extensive research and a careful and thorough screening of producers and suppliers, as well as working with Quality Assurance International (QAI).
Il peat s'agir d'un technologue en chimie ou d" une personne qui n'appartient pus ace secteur mais qai a contribue de facon exceptionnelle a l'avancement de celui-ci.