QAINQuality Assurance Inspection Notices
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LARS was selected for this study because it has been found to simulate precipitation statistics in the regions of Canada examined in this study better than other weather generators (Qain et al.
This line of thinking has contributed to the generation of literature on the decomposition of poverty changes into growth and inequality components Qain and Tendulkar 1990, Kakwani and Subbarao 1990, Datt and Ravallion 1992, Kakwani 1997, Shorrocks 1999).
To qain the trust and respect of new customers, Maui Divers turns to its own employees.
His epic poetry is often overweighted by erudition and ornamentation, but his shorter poems convey a compelling and individual vision; "Qain" (1869; "Cain") is one of the most impressive short epics of the 19th century.