QALDQuality-Adjusted Life-Days
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If vaccine protection waned to zero in 15 years, vaccination saved 0.82 QALD per child and cost $47,300 per QALY gained, and screening/vacccination saved 0.28 QALD per adult and cost $165,500 per QALY gained.
If the vaccine prevented primary infection rather than dissemination alone, vaccination saved 2.26 QALD and $46 per vaccinated child over no vaccination.
Among children, vaccination saved 5.95 QALD and $563 over no vaccination when costs and benefits were not discounted.
Among children, vaccination saved 2.71 QALD and $143 per child vaccinated at an overall dissemination rate of 0.55%, and 1.22 QALD at a cost of $15,300 per QALY gained at the 0.25% dissemination rate.