QALEQuality-Adjusted Life Expectancy
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Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine antioxidant, XO inhibitory activity, and antihyperuricemic activities of the QALE and identify its major active phytochemicals.
Editor's Note: "QALE tells us more than how long a person can expect to live," Dr.
"The difference between the most and least effective initial treatment was 0.34 QALYs, or 4.1 months of QALE. In contrast, active surveillance provided 6.0 additional months of QALE, compared with brachytherapy, the most effective initial treatment," they wrote (JAMA 2010;304:2373-80).
For sex workers who received annual interventions, there were 29 additional HIV cases prevented and 4.5 more months of QALE.
Because we place quality of life on a 1 (for perfect health) to 0 (for death) utility scale, we can combine length of life with quality of life to form a single measure of health, quality-adjusted life expectancy (QALE).
"Two hours ago, a helicopter crashed near Imamzadeh Ebrahim (Pas Qale') and the Red Crescent forces were sent to the crash site," Governor of Shemiranat region near Tehran Ezzatollah Khanmohammadi told FNA today.
"In order to broaden foreign investment in the country, we can establish consortiums with many countries and each country would have its share of profits," Member of the Iranian Parliament's Economic Commission Nasser Ashouri Qale Roudkhani said.
"100 fresh soldiers have been deployed in Herat-Eslam Qale' road to provide better security," Qatreh said.
"Around 8 pm last night two missiles hit the warehouse of a US logistic firm in a district called Panj Qale'," the commander in charge of security in Bagram region, Parwan province, Zomri Nasseri, told Afghanistan's Pejvak news agency on Saturday.
"Based on the latest reports from the three Islam Qale, Farah and Nimrooz border crossings with Iran, all oil tankers are entering Afghanistan without any limitation," Yeylaqi told FNA on Sunday.He reiterated that trade relations between Iran and Afghanistan would restore their normal status with the settlement of the problem.Also Head of Nimrooz province's Customs Office Ahmad Elham and Head of Herat province's Customs Office Khaliqollah told FNA in separate interviews that Iranian fuel tankers are entering Afghanistan.They predicted that the advancement would drastically decrease the fuel prices in the war-torn country.Iran supplies approximately 30 percent of Afghanistan's refined fuel, Afghan officials say.
The Iranian gold medalists were Abdullah Fouladvand (50kg FS), Mehran Nasiri (60kg FS), Morteza Rezaie Qale (74kg FS) and Parsa Nazari (120kg GR).