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The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that an unidentified gunmen traveling in a car intercepted the car of the victims and opened fire on them near Nazim / 3 / on the main road between Qalt Suker and Al-fajer north of the province, adding that the attack resulted in the killing of / 5 / members of family, they are parents and / 3 / children, and injuring two others children were seriously injured and taken to hospital for treatment.
The sample profile was described by frequency tables of the categorical variables (age, gender, qALT, viral genotype, presence of cirrhosis, liver biopsy, therapeutic regimen, type of INF-[alpha] used, total treatment time, event time during treatment, sustained virological response, demonstrating the values of absolute (n) and percentage (%) frequency.
Then emerged Boustani and Australian sheikh Abu Sleiman al-Muhajir, who became emir of Qalt al-Hosn, and is believed to have been killed in the fighting there after recruiting a significant number of young men, including the Hasan brothers.
Concerning the campaign that has been waged against the Army by MPs and religious figures in north Lebanon, sources believe that they were aimed to distract and confuse the military institution, so that Tripoli fighters who had escaped from Qalt al-Hosn, no less than 150 out of 400, could return safely to the city without objection from the security forces.
He said the pursuit of those who fought alongside Syrian rebel ranks in Qalt al-Hosn, with the Lebanese battalion Jund al-Sham, however, constituted a "red line."
The most notable death in the fierce fighting for Qalt al-Hosn was Lebanese national and Jund al-Sham emir Khaled Mahmoud al-Dandashi -- more widely known by his nom du guerre, Abu Suleiman.
The source told The Daily Star: "The process of ending the development of [terrorist] cells and armed groups will keep going in the Qalamoun area until it is completely secured and is geographically linked with [Syria's] Qalt al-Hosn, which is close to Akkar on the Lebanese side."
Aziz left his home suddenly to fight in the village of Qalt al-Hosn in Homs with the Nusra Front in 2012.
All smuggling roads lead to the Homs province village of Qalt al-Hosn, the furthest point in Syria that can be seen from Lebanon.
Numerous others have followed in Diab's footsteps, participating in battles in the Syrian border town of Qalt al-Hosn.
The agency said that unspecified numbers of men in the cities of Damascus and Hassakeh, and in the town of Qalt al-Hosn in Homs province, had also turned themselves in to the authorities after having failed to show up for obligatory military service, in order to "settle their situation."
Abu Moaz, the nom de guerre of Motasem al-Hasan, blew himself up in the attack on the Syrian army checkpoint near Qalt al-Hosn or Crac des Chevaliers in Homs last week.