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QALYQuality-Adjusted Life-Year (score)
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All studies concluded that Oncotype DX has an ICER less than $100,000 per QALY, however the results were disparate with each other (21).
In the base case probabilistic analysis, ADT + docetaxel has an incremental cost of $25,757 and produced an extra 1.063 QALYs, resulting in an ICER of $24,226/QALY gained (Table 2).
Using only clinical data from the landmark Phase 3 PALISADE trial, ICER found AR101 to be cost-effective well-below ICER's traditional threshold of USD 100,000-USD 150,000 per QALY.
Among migrants from high-incidence countries, IGRA screening coupled with postarrival rifampin treatment was the optimal intervention strategy, at a cost per QALY gained of $26,350.
Zovirax Therapeutic Better Class Cost-per- QALY Hepatitis C Viekira Pak Kidney Disease - Phoslyra Phosphate Binders Diabetes - GLP-1 Victoza Receptor Agonists Glaucoma Lumigan Irritable Bowel Linzess Disease Constipation Movantik Asthma Alvesco Advair Blood Platelet Brilinta Inhibitors Blood Pressure- Atacand Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists Antidepressants Effexor (SNRIs) Antipsychotics Abilify Prostate Jalyn Hematological Procrit Multiple Sclerosis Avonex Auto-Immune Enbrel Disorders - Tumor Necrosis Factor Antagonists Anti-lnfectives Valtrex Notes.
Cost-utility analyses for programs that provided limited (2-4 per year) preventative home visits to older adults have demonstrated both QALY improvement (Sahlen, Lofgren, Hellner, & Lindholm, 2008) and no significant difference in QALYs between the treatment and control groups (Brettschneider et al., 2015).
(9) Finally, as local social values are available in the three countries analyzed, (6-8) these country specific EQ-5D weights were used in order to map the same mix of descriptive health states for each health state into local QALY weights.
However, "an assumed 5-percentage-point increase in the rates of first colonoscopy screening and surveillance decreased the number of colorectal cancer deaths by 0.9 (6.4 percent), accompanied by an increase of $33,000 (1.2 percent) in total costs, with a cost per QALY gained (or cost-effectiveness ratio) of $4,086."
Based on the IMF's projected GDP per capita for Malaysia of RM33,132 in 2013, treatments with ICER below RM33,132 per QALY would be considered highly cost-effective, ICERs from RM33,132 to RM99,395 could be considered cost-effective while ICERs exceeding RM99,395 are not cost-effective [27, 30].
After Institutional Review Board approval from the Med-Star Health Research Institute (#2015-069), we developed a decision-tree model to analyze the cost-effectiveness of universal, opt-out, rapid HIV screening of pregnant patients admitted for delivery (spontaneous labor or scheduled induction of labor or cesarean delivery), taking into account the incremental lifetime costs and the loss of QALY associated with MTCT and PAH.