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QALYQuality-Adjusted Life-Year (score)
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9) Finally, as local social values are available in the three countries analyzed, (6-8) these country specific EQ-5D weights were used in order to map the same mix of descriptive health states for each health state into local QALY weights.
2 percent) in total costs, with a cost per QALY gained (or cost-effectiveness ratio) of $4,086.
001) when compared with the SOC, for an incremental cost of $127, 501 per QALY (Table 2).
972374) medications are usually covered if each QALY gained costs less than AaAaAeAe[pounds sterling]30,000 ($36,600) 6 although they do have some exception
The one-way sensitivity analysis showed that mirabegron remained cost effective in 18/22 scenarios and the PSA demonstrated the probability of it being cost-effective compared with tolterodine ER 4 mg was >80% at a willingness-to-pay threshold of $50 000 CAD per QALY.
If the eventual release of a generic version of tenofovir-emtricitabine reduced the price of treatment by 65%, this type of preexposure prophylaxis would cost a projected $100,000 per QALY gained.
96 at WTP of $50,000/QALY and $100,000/ QALY, respectively (results not shown).
The analysis presents the total estimated costs and QALYs associated with both treatment comparators per live birth in Ontario, and the increment cost per QALY gained (incremental cost-utility ratio; ICUR) for the proposed periconceptional blood Hg screening program.
On a QALY scale, each unit equals the value of 1 year of life without health problems.
Assessing cost-effectiveness in healthcare: history of the $50,000 per QALY threshold.
6) A QALY is a health improvement measurement tool used to guide healthcare resource allocation decisions.