QALYSQuality-Adjusted Life-Year
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Figure 3 shows the combined impact of the QALYs saved from averting one case of MTCT and the lifetime medical cost of PAH on the estimate of ICER, based on a two-way sensitivity analysis.
[14] estimated that, as first-line medications, both 5 mg and 10 mg ambrisentan provided more QALYs and cost-saving values than bosentan for patients with either FCII or III PAH.
In the analysis performed, the PGx increased QALYs by 0.0021 (p=0.631), and costs by $271.6 (p<0.001) when compared with the SOC, for an incremental cost of $127, 501 per QALY (Table 2).
The apatinib strategy produced a greater increase in the QALYs over the course of the disease (0.458 compared to 0.267 QALYs for the control strategy), which can largely be explained by the PFS associated with each strategy.
The overall expense would be higher than is generally considered cost effective, both in absolute terms and in the cost per quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) gained, said Cora L.
Uma possibilidade de utilizacao da ferramenta QALY no campo dos disturbios fonoaudiologicos e a geracao de QALYs com ou sem intervencao, relacionando-se por exemplo, a quantidade de QALYs ganhos pela intervencao em relacao a condicoes como disfagia, disfonia, ou reabilitacao labirintica.
Besides the policy cost-effectiveness, our study also provided some insights on the mechanism that PN services improved patients' QALYs. Using the EQ;5D data collected from Project FAROS, our analysis suggested that the increase in QALY observed between the baseline and exit interviews among patients in the PN group was likely driven by reduction in anxiety and depression, as well as improvement in self-care and performing usual activities, although most of the observed increases were only marginally significant (i.e., p < .10).
The analysis presents the total estimated costs and QALYs associated with both treatment comparators per live birth in Ontario, and the increment cost per QALY gained (incremental cost-utility ratio; ICUR) for the proposed periconceptional blood Hg screening program.
It was surprising that the hysterectomy QALY was higher, considering that hysterectomy is a highly invasive surgery.
The cost-effectiveness ratio for supplemental ultrasonography was $325,000 per QALY gained (range, $112,000-$766,000).
One of the health outcomes (health benefits) is the quality-adjusted life years (QALYs).
* Treating only children with >2 symptoms (CDR2+) on a 3-symptom score CDR is the most cost-effective strategy (US$136 or R994 per QALY gained compared with treating all cases).