QAMCQuality Assurance in Maternity Care (project; EU)
QAMCQueensway Anxiety Management Clinic (UK)
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After assuming the charge of QAMC CEO, Dr Iqbal took up the issue with the departments concerned which had now intimated him about the funds restoration.
He said that QAMC will continue to organize such workshops in future on regular basis.
A sequential mixed method study was conducted at QAMC, Bahawalpur, Pakistan, from January 2012 to October 2012 after approval from the institutional ethical review board.
QAMC which is a joint venture between Qatar Financial Centre Authority and the Qatar Investment Authority is promoting asset management and Qatar's international presence.
The bank said that QAMC would invest USD250m in current and future projects of Barclays Natural Resource Investments, BNRI.
Mark Brown, Managing Director and Head of BNRI, added, "We are pleased to be working in close partnership with the QAMC and look forward to developing a long-term relationship to add to our existing co-investors.
of Medical Education at QAMC, I had the privilege of attending this ceremony and it turned out to be a fascinating experience.
I was also delighted to know that two senior faculty members of QAMC Prof.
Sumaira Ashraf, APC, QAMC, BVH, Bahawalpur, allowed to continue as DDP(BS-18) B.
of Surgery and Director of Medical Education at QAMC was the co-facilitator at Bahawalpur and Prof.
Zubair from QAMC Bahawalpur opined that we have different training programmes i.
Qazi Masroor from QAMC Bahawalpur discussed immunology of hepatitis B.