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The Syrian army troops engaged in fierce clashes with Tahrir al-Sham and Horras al-Din militants who had launched heavy attacks from the demilitarized zone on army positions in Tal Sukriyeh-Abu Qamis region in West of Abu al-Zohour, killing and wounding several terrorists and forcing others to withdraw.
(66) The word baqiyya, which denotes the divine remnant and also perhaps indicates, through a related "cloth association," the shirt (qamis) of Joseph, is a major topic in messianic Shi'i discourse, where the term baqiyyat allah is always a reference to the imams' authority, walaya, in addition to being an honorific for the hidden imam, based partly on the exegesis of Q 11:86: baqiyyatu llah khayrun lakum in kuntum mu'minin.
(77) The ultimate symbol of this literary/ spiritual process or dynamic, this metaphorical and metonymical creative and revelatory energy, is Joseph's garment, which the Qur'an calls a shirt (qamis) and the Hebrew Bible calls a coat of many colors (kethoneth).
(102) The word qamis appears in the Qur'an only in sura 12, where it is mentioned six times.
The author of the encyclopedic Akhbari Shi'i lexicon Mir'at al-anwar says of qamis that its exoteric meaning is well known, but that its ta'wil is connected with the words thiyab and libas.
1843-44) takes the opportunity to dilate on the implications of the word qamis, which occurs in one of its verses.
1850), known to history as the Bib, it is argued that the qamis of Joseph represents a power equivalent to the satr of the tomb of the Prophet.
From ma'waz, fotah, qamis -all with or without jambia- to the different models of gulf thobs, formal suits or badlat and casual clothes, Yemenis' attire on Eid is varied.
Mais, avec le temps, de nouvelles pratiques sont venues s'imposer, au point ou il est devenu quasi-quotidien d'embarquer dans un taxi ou dans un bus ou le conducteur est en qamis, en bermuda ou en tricot de peau.
[beaucoup moins que] Comment oublier votre posture seduisante Comment oublier votre facon de manier le micro Dans votre Qamis blanc Et vos tenues traditionnelles Vous n'avez jamais oublie qui vous etiez Et vous n'avez jamais manque de nous rappeler qui nous etions Vous nous avez conte Setif El Ali Des chapitres d'un amour pur Et c'est avec une grande tristesse que le livre se ferme aujourd'hui Setif vous pleure et vous remercie Elle vous remercie d'avoir existe Que le Seigneur vous accueille dans Son vaste paradis Tout le monde se reconnait dans ce poeme d'hommage
Apres une grasse matinee, il arbore son qamis et ses babouches et sort se promener le long du boulevard Zirout-Youcef.
Kurdistan has had four major cities: Diyarbakir (Amed) in southern-eastern Turkey, Erbil (Hewler) in northern Iraq, Sanandaj (Sine) in north-western Iran, and Qamishli (Qami?lo) in north-eastern Syria.