QANQuantico (Amtrak station code; Quantico, VA)
QANQualification Accreditation Number (UK education code)
QANQuick Access Number
QANQuality Action Notice
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QAN aunt of mine left me a thank-you certificate she got from Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) in 1939.
QAN EMPLOYEE has asked whether he can have Friday afternoons off work during the winter months as he says that it is the Sabbath in his religion.
QAN UNKNOWN person who stole a car wrote my car off and was never caught.
QAN ultrasound has shown enlarged veins in my testicles - what are they?
QAN old lady I know has a 1964 Vauxhall Viva DL wrapped in blankets in her garage.
QAN ELDERLY disabled relative paid pounds 999 for a suite of furniture from World of Leather and has recently read in the Press that they are in liquidation.
QAN ACQUAINTANCE of mine foolishly stole a cheque, made it out to himself for pounds 10,000, signed it and paid it into his own account.
QAN article I recently read suggested that eating grapefruit is bad for people who take medicine.
QAN OCCASIONAL lunchtime get-together with my work colleague has moved to an occasional drink after work.