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QAOQueensland Audit Office (Australia)
QAOQuality Assurance Office/r
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Rich is the Military Police WfF analyst, QAO, MSCoE.
Furthermore, neither the Navy's CIH nor its QAO ever took steps to review the air-monitoring samples or to ensure that the contractor complied with the HASP.
CNAF Guidance: QARs, QAOs and QASs are required to attend the Naval Aviation QA Administration Procedures Course D/E 555-0046 (older classes are acceptable).
The QAO audit report of the LNPs program found that the former Deputy Premier did not follow Departmental advice in approving funding, didnt document his reasons for doing so and consistently favoured funding projects in LNP electorates.
My division chief, the QAS, and the QAO counseled me.
Next year, the QAO will tap the "captive" leader audience provided by students and conference attendees who regularly rotate through the MI Center and School.
He also felt that attendance should be mandatory for the QAO, QAS and the MMCO from every available squadron, adding, "If they came and picked up information on just one item, it would be worth the expense.