QAPIQueue Application Program Interface
QAPIQuality Assurance Performance Improvement
QAPIQuality Assurance and Program Improvement (California Department of Child Support Services)
QAPIQuality Assurance Program Inspection
QAPIQuantrix Application Program Interface (software writing tool)
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The facility was recently awarded with QAPI Accreditation which requires the facility to be successful in three of these four categories: Comprehensive, Continuous, Coverage and Corrective QAPI.
Clear, complete and accurate nursing documentation communicates important information to others, allows for continuity of quality care, facilitates QAPI initiatives, and bolsters risk management.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for both promulgating the QAPI regulation and providing technical assistance to NHs.
At the end of its section on QAPI, CMS states: "We believe these requirements are the single most important provision in this proposed rule to fulfill the congressional mandate for process performance measures based on empirical evidence of organ donor potential and other related factors in OPO service areas.
We believe that QAPI is regarded by the health care community as the most efficient and effective method for improving quality and performance of health care providers," CMS stated.
QAPI at a Glance is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' implementation guidebook.
Engage the QAPI or Quality Assurance committee and compliance committee (both committees, being required, should be in place).
Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement - IFMC will complete seven QAPI projects each year.
This analogy spotlights the fifth step of the 12 Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) implementation steps--Develop Your QAPI Plan.
The third of the 12 QAPI implementation steps is "Take your QAPI 'Pulse' with a Self-Assessment.
QAPI is a comprehensive approach to ensuring high-quality, proactive, patient-centered care using evidence-based practices to increase knowledge for planning, implementing and sustaining measurable improvement.