QAPIQuality Assessment and Performance Improvement (healthcare)
QAPIQueue Api
QAPIQueue Application Program Interface
QAPIQuality Assurance Performance Improvement
QAPIQuality Assurance and Program Improvement (California Department of Child Support Services)
QAPIQuantrix Application Program Interface (software writing tool)
QAPIQuality Assurance Program Inspection
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Under the leadership of the medical director as the quality "Captain of the Ship," QAPI meetings allow a dedicated forum specifically set aside to use data and information available for PI planning.
In addition to disclosing medical errors that result in harm, even medical errors that are non-harmful and near misses that could have had serious consequences should, at a minimum, be reported to a facility's QAPI program.
At the end of its section on QAPI, CMS states: "We believe these requirements are the single most important provision in this proposed rule to fulfill the congressional mandate for process performance measures based on empirical evidence of organ donor potential and other related factors in OPO service areas.
The QAPI committee is another resource that can address the sometimes murky issues on a proactive basis.
We believe that QAPI is regarded by the health care community as the most efficient and effective method for improving quality and performance of health care providers," CMS stated.
Determining the cause of an incident and making recommendations to prevent similar incidents from occurring is best left to the Quality Assurance or QAPI committee and the risk management department.
The facility's QAPI committee can evaluate the need to revise current processes or incorporate new processes to improve vaccination rates.
This process is discussed in QAPI Step 9: Prioritize Quality Opportunities and Charter PIPs.
Include review status of patients with catheters at QAPI meetings (Hakim & Himmelfarb, 2009).
In review of the QAPI trend data for CRBSIs, a decrease was noted after implementing use of Tego[R] connectors, a neutral valve closed-system connector.