QAPIQuality Assessment and Performance Improvement (healthcare)
QAPIQueue Api
QAPIQueue Application Program Interface
QAPIQuality Assurance Performance Improvement
QAPIQuality Assurance and Program Improvement (California Department of Child Support Services)
QAPIQuantrix Application Program Interface (software writing tool)
QAPIQuality Assurance Program Inspection
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Pay-for-performance models of reimbursement such as the Minnesota PIPP and federal QAPI program, among others, have potential to encourage QI efforts from a policy or systems level.
In addition to disclosing medical errors that result in harm, even medical errors that are non-harmful and near misses that could have had serious consequences should, at a minimum, be reported to a facility's QAPI program.
The exact details of the QAPI and extra payment requirements will be finalized and made official in an upcoming Operational Policy Letter to be released later this fall.
With the revision came a mandate of quality assessment and performance improvement (QAPI) (CMS, 2008b).
With expansive capabilities to manage QAPI, Hospital Readmissions, and Customer Satisfaction, abaqis goes far beyond survey readiness, enabling providers to thrive in the new landscape of healthcare.
Appendices include an overview of quality assessment and process improvement (QAPI) initiatives and Network resources.
The QAPI team should review trends related to resident choice and safety, particularly when residents are routinely denied requests, or when the QAPI team identifies patterns of community care practices that might be improved by performance improvement action plans.
In these clinics, it is the responsibility of the Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) committee to analyze why CVC rates are high and to develop action plans to decrease those rates.
The QAPI committee is another resource that can address the sometimes murky issues on a proactive basis.
"We believe that QAPI is regarded by the health care community as the most efficient and effective method for improving quality and performance of health care providers," CMS stated.
All disciplines that make up staff--physicians, nurses, medical and nursing leadership, dieticians, social workers, and biotechnical staff--come together to discuss a myriad of topics at their monthly quality improvement (QAPI) meeting.