QAQCQuality Assurance/Quality Control
QAQCQuality Assurance/Quality Checks (US DoD)
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ALS reported that the analyses had passed its internal QAQC tests.
The four validation tests that constitute the NASMD QAQC algorithm--the range, streak, deviance, and step tests--flagged 0.67%, 0.52%, 4.40%, and 3.22%, respectively, of the >8 million values soil moisture data that have been assessed by the QC procedure.
Since commencement of drilling, Dacian has implemented a consistent QAQC system utilising standards, blanks and duplicate samples.
Their next stop was the motorpool where the unit's mechanics conducted a Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) check of each vehicle.
Derk Bergquist completed QAQC procedures on the environmental monitoring data.
This experience has shown that basic principles of industrial air pollution monitoring methods and of quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) can improve the quality of emission data.
No previous quality assurance/quality control (QAQC) has been carried out at the Commonwealth Project.
Image Credit: Arshad Ali / Gulf News Janice Ponce de Leon, Staff Reporter Faisal Shah Abdul Nazar, 31, Indian, QAQC Engineer
ANGE conducts general and site specific induction training twice a month at its training school for its own staff, while third parties normally receive an hour of induction training as well as a separate QAQC induction.
The quality assurance- quality control (QAQC) program of Belvedere consists of the insertion of certified standards of known gold content every 20 samples, with blanks at the beginning of each batch.