QAQCQuality Assurance/Quality Control
QAQCQuality Assurance/Quality Checks (US DoD)
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Since commencement of drilling, Dacian has implemented a consistent QAQC system utilising standards, blanks and duplicate samples.
Review of the QAQC results suggest that the results reported for niobium values from the lab are reliable.
Results are pending and will be released upon receipt and QAQC review.
Volta's QAQC procedures include the insertion of certified standards every 15 samples, field duplicates (in the RC portions) about every 25 and blanks about every 10 samples.
QAQC results are reviewed on a batch-by-batch and monthly basis.
Rigorous sampling, QAQC, and logging procedures were applied to 2011 drilling which has lead to a high level of confidence in the data.
As part of a comprehensive Quality Assurance Quality Control ("QAQC") program, one standard, one in-line replicate and one inter-laboratory duplicate were inserted into the sample stream in each group of 20 samples, as well as one or more field blanks in each analytical batch and then checked to ensure proper QAQC.
Tenders are invited for Emergency Power Platform Maintenance/Sustainment of Monitoring Systems, Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Storage Facilities, and Inventory Management Systems (IMS) Sustainment/Hosting Services (SCADA, QAQC & IMS System Services).
QAQC analysis between the two types of drilling has highlighted no significant issues with sampling and representivity.