QAQCQuality Assurance/Quality Control
QAQCQuality Assurance/Quality Checks (US DoD)
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The four validation tests that constitute the NASMD QAQC algorithm--the range, streak, deviance, and step tests--flagged 0.
Since commencement of drilling, Dacian has implemented a consistent QAQC system utilising standards, blanks and duplicate samples.
The QAQC program was designed and approved by Michael Dufresne, the Qualified Person.
He adds that site managers need to have a high level of QAQC and coordination on megaprojects to deliver on high expectations.
Rigorous sampling, QAQC, and logging procedures were applied to 2011 drilling which has lead to a high level of confidence in the data.
When we embark on a job, we need QAQC, we need HSE officers, we need administration and backup facilities.
QAQC analysis between the two types of drilling has highlighted no significant issues with sampling and representivity.
Although the drill hole data density would otherwise be sufficient in parts of the deposit to support a higher level of confidence, due to the lack of QAQC data and use of historical in situ bulk density information, Golder has not classified any of the Mineral Resource as Measured.
Results are monitored for key elements, and in cases of QAQC issues, re-analysis is requested.