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QARQatari Rial
QARQuality Assurance Review
QARQuality Assurance Representative
QARQueen Anne's Revenge (Blackbeard's flagship)
QARQuick Access Recorder
QARQuality Assurance Report
QARQuestion Answer Relationship (education)
QARQuality Assessment Review
QARQuality Assessment Report
QARQueer Arts Resource
QARQuarterly Activities Report (various locations)
QARQuality Assurance Requirement
QARQuantitative Analysis Report
QARQuality Assurance & Reliability
QARQuiet, Alert, Responsive (veterinary medicine)
QARQualimetrics Analog Readout
QARQuality-Aware Routing
QARQuotation Amendment Record
QARQualified Adjustment Request (Air Force)
QARQuality Attribute Requirement
QARQuarterly Acceptance Review
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Total revenue for the quarter was QAR 499m flat QoQ and down 5.
QAR is the relationship (or link) between questions and their answers.
L'EBITDA a diminue a 563 millions de QAR contre 654 millions QAR, en raison des couts associes a la maintenance du reseau.
Thi Qar Mayor Qusai Al-Abadi, meanwhile, gave an illustration about the province, which was the fourth largest in terms of population in Iraq.
Barwa Bank Group also increased its investment portfolio by five per cent to QAR 5bn whilst Total Shareholders' Equity reached QAR 5bn at 30 June 2012.
In the largely Shia Dhi Qar province, for example, the State of Law Party, led by Al-Maliki and a coalition of Sunni and independent politicians, was in the lead for some time, with the religious Shia Iraqi National Alliance and Allawi's liberal cross-sectarian coalition, Al Iraqiyah, also receiving a considerable number of votes.
Unfortunately, the collateral-duty QAR had left for an appointment out in town, so maintenance control directed a power-plants collateral-duty QAR assigned to the line division to assist the AD1.
If you are interested in becoming "all the accountant that you can be," you are encouraged to read these articles and keep them on file for reference, even if you don't submit your work for a QAR evaluation.
Since the outset of the QAR process, 138 agencies have been reviewed in 30 states and the District of Columbia.
Thi Qar/ Aswat al-Iraq: Thi Qar administration announced today launching the second phase of developing Gharaf oilfield, run by Malaysian PETRONAS.
As per the Bank's declaration, Qatar's central bank will be releasing QAR 4bn ( USD 1.