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It may be noted here that Islamic deposits may be modeled after the classical contracts of al-wadiah and qard. These contracts do not allow any excess over and above the principal either as a stipulation in the contract or even as a unilateral gift by the bank that is not customary.
An official source in Sabaa Group for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries said that the company has spent about EGP 15m--representing 50%--of Qard Al-Hasan (benevolent loan) provided by senior shareholders in the company throughout the past period with the aim of injecting them into financing production operations, such as purchasing pharmaceutical products from other companies.
It can also be achieved even more effectively through various forms of direct people-to-people (P2P) and business-to-business (B2B) funding and investment based on venture capital (mudarabah), business partnership (musharakah), contract production (salam, istisna'), including the goodly loan (qard hasan).
He gave examples of Islamic social mechanisms such as Qard Hasan, Zakat, Waqf, Sadaqah that can be used to provide Islamic microfinance and mentioned such models were already being implemented in many countries, including Bangladesh Indonesia, Pakistan, and Sudan.
Qard Hassan consists of a loan granted for welfare purposes or to bridge short-term funding requirements where the borrower is required to repay only the principal.
These are, for example, the concept of Riba, Qard Hassan, Waqf, and Zakat.
Retail customers seem to be more familiar with Qard e Hasana and Musharakah but not with other related products and services offered by Islamic banks, though they have immense attachment and commitment towards Islamic banking products and services.
SGT Policyholders Fund has repaid the Qard Al Hassan back to the Shareholders by end of 2014, which was provided to the Policyholders fund for solvency purposes.
Caspian qadi), but we find the /d/ development in qado 'destiny' and qard 'debt'.
Based on this, we get some items that the annual report for IFIs should contains and disclose as Zakat and Qard Hassan; [2] adopting the disclosure requirements of AAOIFI governance standard No.
Islamic microfinance is dispensed by small interest-free charitable loans (qard al-hasan) with an administration fee of 5 per cent in a spirit of Islamic brotherhood.
Muzn Islamic Banking's range of products caters to institutional, corporate and retail customers and includes: Murabaha Auto Finance; Ijara Home Finance; Sale and Lease Back Finance; Muzn Current Account (Qard Hassan); Muzn Savings Account (Mudaraba); Wakala Investment; Flexi Wakala Account; Murabaha Working Capital Finance; Ijara Muntahia Bittamleek Term Finance and Trade Finance.