QASQuality Assurance System
QASQuality Assurance Specialist
QASQuick Arbitration and Selection
QASQuest Authentication Services (Quest Software, Inc.)
QASQuick Arbitrate and Select (Small Computer Systems Interface transmission rates)
QASQuality Assessment System
QASQueensland Apprenticeship Services (subsidiary of Commerce Queensland QCCI)
QASQuestion and Answer Services
QASQuick Address Systems
QASQuick Attachment Safety (climbing equipment)
QASQuantiva Analysis System
QASQuality Assurance Screening Program
QASQuality Assurance, Auditing, & Security
QASQuality Assurance Supervisor (various companies)
QASQuality Assurance Solutions
QASQuality Attributes Software (est. 2003)
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The laboratory must provide documentation to demonstrate adherence to applicable QAS standards for all personnel involved in the testing of HCFGL cases.
The QAS 45 generator is designed for predictable power and optimal operation with its reliable alternator, large fuel tank and simple control panel.
The QAS 25 generator is ideal for heavy-duty use in several industries, including rental, oil and gas and construction.
Consequently organisations that secure consumers' trust by showing that they care about their customers' data are best placed to secure up-to-date details in the first place," commented Joel Curry, Managing Director of Experian QAS.
Everyone at QAS shares in this prestigious award and should take great pride in the fact that our innovative GreenTouchscreen solution is being recognized as a clear, engaging visual tool that is informative and motivating," said Nico Willis, CEO of QAS.
David Northridge, vice president of client retention at Experian QAS, said, "By ensuring data is accurate as it is entered, credit unions can be confident that information is received by members on the first attempt, rather than having to spend additional time reworking information and hurting member service efforts.
1, the QAS group incorporated into the PDMS possesses an 18 carbon chain.
The QAS range, comprising a wide variety of models rated between 14 -- 571 kVA, has been designed for fast, easy and safe transportation and on-site handling on virtually any unprepared surface, Atlas Copco said.
View the revamped QAS award application on ACTE's Web site at www.
The acquisition is intended to build on the capabilities of Experian's international address and identity management software provider QAS.
QAS A family, we've never really gone to church except at Christmas and occasionally at Easter.
QAS a result of cancer treatment I've lost my hair.