QASASQuality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance)
QASASQuality Assurance Specialist Ammunition Surveillance (US Army)
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Also during assistance visits, the QASAS monitored cell explosive limits, ensuring that units maintained the authorized net explosive weight of 8,800 pounds per cell.
The retrograde of excess ammunition, the implementation of site improvements, the incorporation of the QASAS into safety plans, and the use of Department of the Army experts will all facilitate ammunition safety in a combat environment.
When field conditions or mission requirements kept commanders from meeting those standards, the QASAS was there to advise them on how to lower risk factors for both soldiers and equipment.
In Kuwait, QASAS laid out the basic designs for all the AHAs, to minimize the hazard to the troops and equipment," Brown said.
The QASAS works with any unit that might have an ammo question or problem, to ensure that their ammunition is safe and serviceable when needed.
During the briefing, it was noted that the representatives from the SDDC--AK, civilians from the ASPs at FWA and JBER, and the QASAS office should have had a more active role.
The second and third stages of the QASAS inspection were executed smoothly, as 14 containers were loaded and sent to FWA and 13 containers were sent to JBER.