QASASQuality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance)
QASASQuality Assurance Specialist Ammunition Surveillance (US Army)
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QASAS personnel and LARs can advise Soldiers on the most efficient use and management of ammunition in order to prevent waste and improve readiness.
In his analysis of the texts, Armstrong divides the qasas into three separate but often overlapping groups: thirty-four religious qasas focus on questions of theology, law, and proper conduct, eight martial qasas include primarily exhortations to fight for the faith, and a single religio-political qissa is critical of the caliph 'Uthman.
Even in England people are convicted in blasphemy and in other countries as well, so the matter of the blasphemy could not be treated as Qasas, he observed.
The public transport and Metro bus service remained closed due to "Qasas March" of PAT.
However, there was difference of opinion in terms of emphasis placed on two themespashtunwali and qasas. The neutral analyst and the analyst with overt sympathies towards Taliban as well as the one of the analysts with sympathies based on professional requirements laid greater emphasis on the cultural aspect of revenge in tribal regionsthe pashtunwali.
Under Qasas and Diyat law, the parents of Khan had submitted an affidavit of forgiveness of their son's murder.
A resident of the village of Younin,Abbas Qasas, was kidnapped from Arsal Friday and reportedly taken to the Syrian town ofYabroud, where his kidnappers phoned his family to demand $120,000 in ransom.
Homicide was also punishable under Shariah law (Qasas).
The key players included SDDC's Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams, Quality Assurance Specialists-Ammunition Surveillance (QASAS), and AA&E shipping and receiving activities.
Qasas Al-Anbeya is a new, informative Arabic service narrating the life of the Prophets including descriptions of their personalities and characteristics.
"Our groundbreaking partnership with King Fahd University, one of the leading educational institutions in the region, will advance the reliability of the system and will open new horizons for mutual cooperation in the fields of research, development and training, which will have positive impacts on QASAS in all sides," he added.
Another law, "Qasas", is also used to victimise women, because under this law if a person kills somebody and the family of the victim compromises with the killer then they are paid an agreed amount of money, land and of course women by the assassin's family.